15.12.2022 20:00

THE NAKED ROOM turns 4—Time to salute to art, life, love & freedom of expression

THE NAKED ROOM turns 4—Time to salute to art, life, love & freedom of expression

Join us for a unique 48 hour anniversary exhibition and lottery on December 14th & 15th, 2022 featuring 32 works by 23 artists in our gallery space in Kyiv. The winners will be announced in a live event at the gallery on December 15th at 8 pm (OEZ). 

With works by Kateryna Buchatska, Yevhen Klymenko, Sana Shahmuradova, Tiberiy Silvashi, Serhii Melnychenko, Demyan, Zinovii Ketsalo, Maxim Mazur, Ksenia Hnilytska, APL315, Oleksandra Makarska, Igor Bondarenko, Anastasia Pustovarov, Olga Shtein, Yulia Radionov, Kateryna Lysovenko, Rina Khramtsova, Andrii Siguntsov, Roman Mykhaylov, Pavlo Kovach, Igor Selmenov, BRATY, Badri Gubianuri, Lucy Ivanova, Pavlo Makov, Elena Subach, Anna Zvyagintseva, Stanislav Turina.

After a successful and inspiring string of pop-ups, art fair participations, and the Venice Biennial, we are excited to be back in our home base Kyiv to celebrate our anniversary with a unique event in support of a cause dear to our hearts, the Ukrainian Women Veteran Movement. The Movement is a consolidation of female veterans, created to increase the opportunities for self-realization in society. It acts to advocate and protect the rights of women veterans and active military personnel and promotion of equal rights and opportunities through lawmaking and advocacy for a professional and prestigious security sector. 

We invite you to become an art lover, a supporter, a collector

With a donation starting at 500 Hryvnias and more you automatically become part of the lottery and will have a chance to win an artwork to take home. Please add your FB or IG contact info when making your donation: If you will not be able to be present at the live announcement, our dear colleagues of MOCA NGO are going to notify you. 

To make your donation please follow the link https://send.monobank.ua/jar/7E2S5omThc

Or donate to the Ukrainian Women Veteran Movement's Paypal — sozvezdyeseldereya@gmail.com

The exhibition is only made possible by generous contributions of all artists mentioned above to whom we would like to extend our gratitude.