Group show curated by Maria Lanko and Lizaveta German

Various Others Festival

Munich, Germany 

September 8 till October 9 2022

Artists: Anatoliy Byelov, Katya Buchatska, Yevgen Golubentsev, Kateryna Lysovenko, Petro Ryaska, Sergii Sabakar, Tamara Turlun.

Propaganda of the Living World is the title of the artwork by Kateryna Lysovenko created on the 2nd of March 2022. It is a midsized watercolour on paper showing a tightly gathered group of people amidst an enoumose dark field that are looking over the two murdered bodies (of an adult and a child) on the ground. The figures are painted rather nominally, but the overall dirty palette and some minor details, like stains of red on the lying bodies and some occasional splashes of brownish paint on the horizon inform this piece with horror and darkness of the first weeks of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The title of the artwork is inscribed messily right on top of the image and followed by “Stop Murder”.

Supported by Goethe Institute in Ukraine and the City of Munich Department of Arts and Culture

More details soon.