KYIV by Sergiy Maidukov

Sergiy Maidukov
920 uah

KYIV by Sergiy Maidukov is a visual story of Kyiv told through Sergiy Maidukov's illustrations and sketches. The author is the protagonist who experiences the rush of the city and the ephemeral beauty of the mundane, captures the colours and the atmosphere of the streets. His meticulous work could be compared to that of a cinematographer in how he distances himself from the objects and situations while recreating them on his iPad. The visual narrative of the book follows from the stylistic and colour decisions in each and every illustration, which stand together in various connections. 

This edition includes an introduction by journalist Oleksiy Tarasov as well as his interview with Sergiy Maidukov. The colour pictures in this book were created in the Procreate app on iPad and the black and white pictures are ballpoint and pencil drawings produced in the years 2018-2020. 

KYIV by Sergiy Maidukov is an art book by someone whose hometown was not Kyiv, but who made Kyiv his home. 

Publisher: IST Publishing 
Author: Sergiy Maidukov 
Initiative: Andriy Bozhok 
Texts: Oleksiy Tarasov 
Design: Grafprom studio
English translation: Victor Chorny 
Editor: Tetyana Kryshtalovska 
Proofreader: Olena Podorozhnia 
Editor of the English translation: Becca Parkinson 
Communication: Public Kitchen

ISBN 978-617-7948-04-8
Languages: English and Ukrainian
Format: 200x250 mm 
Printed copies: 1000 
Hard cover
Offset printing
138 pages