Do Po"

Pavlo Makov
2000 uah

"Do Po" is a book about a future city by Pavlo Makov. Originally a meditation on a futuristic hypothesis about the nation states ceding their importance to big cities in forthcoming decades, the book evolved to be an attempt to juxtapose (to confront or to reconcile) two different views of our habitat.

On the one side, the general plan of the great city Do Po, separated into 64 unique sectors equal in area; on the other side, pages of a pocketbook in which Makov for several years drew plans of real and imaginary cities with free planning. 

In this book, sectors of the city and drawings from the notebook are converted to vector images, positioned on both sides of the opening, and intertwined with common routes. Having found themselves at the crossroads, readers get into the borderzone situation, which, according to Makov, defines the Place: presence between dream and reality. While only the select pages from Makov's personal notebook were published, the map of the imaginary city Do Po has become an essential part of the eponymous book. 

Design of the book: 3z Studio 

Pavlo Makov (texts by Borys Filonenko, Pavlo Makov)
ISBN: 978-966-97657-6-5
Language: English, Ukrainian, Russian
148 p., 2018